Art Courses

WE Music Studio Art Course .

Adult Courses
If you are interested in art or want to expand your knowledge of art history, then this is the class for you. This course will help you develop your own sense of artistic style. Our teachers will work with each student on their own painting goal. This course will focus on famous artists, artistic styles and important periods in art. Our teachers will give technical advices on perspective, light, color, and composition to assist you to achieve your goal. You will be able to create a collection of masterpieces from self-portraits to still lives and landscapes. We also offer Egg Tempera course (one of the oldest mediums for fine art painting and used by most of the Great Masters of the Renaissance).  

This course allows the young artists to work on their independent paintings and sketches. We encourage our students to closely observe the details they see in their drawing subjects. Through the course, perspective, light, color, and composition theory and concept will be introduced. With a different project every week, the students will be able to create their own masterpiece each class. Young artists are allowed to develop creative and imaginative style while incorporating personal emotion into artwork.perspective, light, color, and composition

This course is designed to provide young children a fun and inviting environment where they can discover and explore art. Children are allowed to explore different medias and choose their own theme. In the process, children will learn shapes, colors, and use of basic materials. Different materials will help the children enjoy learning the basic principles and skills of painting.  Children are encouraged to develop their own imagination and think creatively, which will help them form a good habit of painting in their future life.

Courses cover the areas such as: drawing, sketching,acrylic painting,oil painting,water color painting,pen & ink,collage, mixed media, printmaking,make T-shirt, abstract art.

Courses cover the areas such  as: drawing, sketching, acrylic painting, water color painting, pen & ink, 3D and module making.

Courses cover the areas such as: pastels, color pencils, water color painting, pen & ink,screen printing,  crafts .